Miracle cancer patient to be Blake Shelton's special guest

December 5, 2017
We were all excited to hear of Blake Shelton's upcoming 2018 tour, Country Music Freaks Tour. But there was one little fan in particular that had an extra special attachment to Blake Shelton: Sammy Hodgett. Sammy is a cancer patient who has been battling T-cell lymphoblastic leukemia for the past three years. After his diagnosis, Sammy was even a St. Jude patient. Throughout his journey, Sammy has overcome some devastating obstacles. A reaction to chemotherapy put him into a medically-induced coma for 6 weeks. Walking, talking and eating were all things he would need to relearn. According to an interview with Sammy's mom, Becky Hodgett, for Illinois TV station WQAD, Sammy loves Blake Shelton's song, "Boys 'Round Here." The family played Blake Shelton for Sammy while he was in the coma. It even became a song he sang throughout his recovery. Thanks to Mandy Dietz Atkinson, a family member of Sammy's, his cancer fight & love of Blake Shelton was shared on Facebook, with the hopes of getting Blake Shelton's attention. You see, Blake will be in Moline, IL in February for his Country Music Freaks Tour. And boy, did Blake take notice!

Hey Sammy!!! I can’t wait to meet you buddy!! https://t.co/qyD2GbzJMq

— Blake Shelton (@blakeshelton) December 5, 2017
Not only will Sammy get to meet Blake Shelton, who's music has gotten him through literally the battle for his life, he will also be Blake's special guest at the concert! We're committed to helping St. Jude find a cure for childhood cancer. Please join us for our St. Jude Radiothon Wednesday & Thursday!! More about Sammy here & here.