Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Theresa From Palos Heights

December 18, 2017
Roman's current record in the College of Country Knowledge is 256 and 23. Did he add a win or a loss to that record after facing off with his opponent Theresa from Palos Heights? For your chance at changing Roman's record, email Today's Questions and Answers:
  1. Instagram announced that Selena Gomez was this year’s most followed celeb, with over 130 million followers.   Taylor Swift was #6 with 190 million.  What are Taylor’s fans nicknamed? (Swifties)
  2. Shay Mooney says that getting a Nintendo 64 was his favorite Christmas gift as a kid.  What group is he a part of? (Dan and Shay
  3. Gwen Stefani joked with Jimmy Fallon the other day that she’s buying her boyfriend a couch for Christmas.  Who is Stefani dating? (Blake Shelton)
  4. Garth Brooks was on Ellen the other day talking about his recent CMA Entertainer of the Year win, lip-syncing at the CMA Awards, his new anthology and touring.  What is Ellen’s last name? (DeGeneres)
  5. This “Every Little Thing” singer joked in a recent interview that if a guy tried to use a stupid pick up line on her….she’d probably throw up. Who is she? (Carly Pearce)