Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Beth From Rogers Park

December 20, 2017
Every morning around 7:40, Roman takes on a challenger looking to beat him in the College of Country Knowledge. This morning that challenger was Beth from Rogers Park. If you want your chance (and maybe score $100 bucks), email! Today's Questions and Answers:
  1. Darius Rucker didn’t think he’d make it as a country singer. He said…quote…“No one thought it would work because I was a black guy coming from pop.” He was the front man for Hootie and the….WHAT? (Blowfish)
  2. For the first time since 2013….Taylor Swift has a song on the country charts.  What is that song? (New Year's Day)
  3. Losing Sleep has just been certified gold….which mean that it’s been either sold or streamed over 500 thousand times.  Who sings Losing Sleep? (Chris Young)
  4. Cameron Duddy celebrated his recent birthday by going car surfing.  What group is he a part of? (Midland)
  5. Someone asked Luke Bryan "what makes him country" and he pointed to his small town upbringing in this state.  Is it Georgia, Rhode Island or Washington? (Georgia)