Luke Bryan Got His Wife the CRAZIEST Christmas Gift

December 26, 2017
Luke Bryan is the type of guy that goes ABOVE and BEYOND when it comes to Christmas gifts for his wife! We're not talking lavish trips and luxury cars either. Nope, those are nothing compared to the gift he got for Caroline this Christmas. In a video posted on Instagram, a X-Mas pajama-wearing Bryan hands his blindfolded wife a bag with two kangaroos inside. "Oh my god, where did you get these," she screams as the itty bitty roos stick their heads out of the bag. The gift is part of Caroline's special project called Brett's Barn, in honor of Sadie Brett, the couple's baby niece who died of heart and organ troubles earlier this year. Caroline promised little Sadie a white pony after she was born. Unable to fulfill it, she's been channeling her promise to Brett's Barn, partnering with local charities to brings kids out to see animals. So her latest Christmas gift is, in fact, an addition to Brett's Barn! So SWEET!