Have you seen Chris Young's new puppy?!

January 2, 2018
SO so so so SO CUTE!!!

Best Christmas present ever from my little sister... Meet Porter------ thank you Cedar Valley Canine !#germanshepherd pic.twitter.com/MQkerYt3Ht

— ChrisYoungMusic (@ChrisYoungMusic) December 29, 2017
He's literally days old!!! So it will be a bit before he's home with Chris...

Of course he is! He's only nine days old. I just wanted to meet him ----#germanshepherd #Porter https://t.co/bsGTVEiXQO

— ChrisYoungMusic (@ChrisYoungMusic) December 31, 2017
But when he IS home, it looks like he's gonna have a great life filled with a lot of love:

Hi 2018... I promise to love my family, make the best music I can, and spoil my dog rotten... tomorrow:) #goodnight #HappyNewYear pic.twitter.com/mkpslztzKG

— ChrisYoungMusic (@ChrisYoungMusic) January 1, 2018