Blake Shelton Teaches Gwen Stefani's Son How to Drive into Ponds

January 3, 2018
By Scott T. Sterling Teaching someone how to drive is rarely an easy feat. Blake Shelton found out the hard way when he took Gwen Stefani's oldest son, Kingston, out for a driving lesson recently. Related: Is Blake Shelton Ready to Retire? The pair was tooling around rural Oklahoma in a Chevy pickup truck when they found themselves stuck in a pond that wasn't quite as frozen as it appeared to be. When Stefani approached the guys to find out what happened, Shelton immediately threw young Kingston under the bus. "I was teaching Kingston and he just took off driving like a maniac into the frozen pond. can you believe Kingston?," Shelton jokes in a video capturing the moment. Stefani, clearly onto Shelton's antics, quickly surmised the truth: "So Blake really wanted to go through the mud and it got stuck?" "This ain’t the first one we’ve blown through," Shelton responds. Thankfully, they were able to free the truck and we bet the two are now bonded over the hysterical experience.