Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Lona From Wood Dale

January 4, 2018
After taking a break for the holidays, Roman's College of Country Knowledge returned to the airwaves this morning! Lona from Wood Dale was the first contestant of 2018, but did she fare any better that those who came before here? Email for your chance to play! Today's Questions and Answers:
  1. This "Somethin' I'm Good At" singer is shooting down rumors that he’s dating Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson and says they’re just good friends.  Who is he? (Brett Eldredge)
  2. Jay DeMarcus auditioned for the part of Deacon on CMT’s Nashville but didn’t get it.  What group is Jay a part of? (Rascal Flatts)
  3. William Matthew Currington was born on November 19, 1973 in Savanah, Georgia.  You probably know him better by his nickname.  What is it? (Billy)
  4. Kelsea Balerini and Morgan Evans got married on December 2nd.  Where did the wedding take place? (Cabo San Lucas, Mexico)
  5. This singer says that George Strait passed on the song “Friends In Low Places” so he did it.  Who sang that song? (Garth Brooks)