Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Heather From The North Side

January 5, 2018
Something happened this morning that doesn't happen very often on Roman's College of Country Knowledge. Roman lost! Find out what question zonked him in his battle with Heather from the North Side this morning! Email to play! Today's Questions and Answers:
  1. Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman just put their Middle Tennessee home up for sale for 3.4 million.   What new song by Keith has been called an empowerment song for women? (Female)
  2. Charlie Daniel is hosting his Volunteer Jam concert in Nashville next March that will feature Blackberry Smoke, Chris Janson, Justin Moore, the Oak Ridge Boys and more.  Daniels is famous for the song The Devil Went Down To……….WHERE? (Georgia)
  3. Which member of Dan and Shay recently got married to Hannah Billingsley in Arkansas? (Shay)
  4. Both Sam Hunt and this “New Year’s Day” singer both celebrate birthdays in December.  Who is it? (Taylor Swift)
  5. Jason Aldean’s wife Britney recently gave birth to their son.  What is the little boy named? (Memphis)