Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Sarah From Thornton

January 10, 2018
Every morning at 7:40 AM Stylz and Roman open up the classroom for Roman's College of Country Knowledge. Was it a pass or fail for Sarah from Thornton this morning? If you want to play, email! Todays Questions and Answers:
  1. This winner of the first season of American Idol says she’s not above a light spanking if her toddler melts down in public.  Who is she? (Kelly Clarkson)
  2. Luke Bryan is catching flak from the animal rights group PETA because he gave his wife a couple of babies of this type of animal for Christmas.  What kind of animals were they? (Kangaroos)
  3. Tyler Hubbard said in a recent interview that childbirth is something God doesn’t let men do for a reason.  What group is Hubbard a part of? (Florida Georgia Line)
  4. Lindsey Ell and a couple other artists did an acoustic country version of the EDM song “Look What You Made Me Do” recently.  Whose song is this? (Taylor Swift)
  5. It turns out that Carrie Underwood didn’t just mess up wrist after a recent fall…she also ended up with 40 stitches…..where? (On her face)