Kelly Clarkson on Why She Chose "The Voice" over "American Idol"

January 11, 2018
American Idol may have been the driving force that launched Kelly Clarkson into pop-stardom, but nowadays, she's more of a Voice girl. Kelly Clarkson recently joined season 14 of the NBC singing competition, which came as a surprise to fans who thought she would spearhead the Idol reboot. “The Voice, literally, it’s almost full circle for me how I started singing,” Clarkson told US Weekly at the Television Critics Association. “I started singing opera and everything was behind screen so my whole life, starting in music for years, was literally me having to be perfect behind that screen.” Clarkson adds that her favorite part of the show is the blind audition process, which allows judges to listen to a contestants voice without forming judgments or opinions based on their appearance. “That literally is the thing that separates The Voice for me … It’s a rare opportunity that this show represents that people might not get through on other shows,” Clarkson said. “That’s my favorite part of the show. It is interesting to make it about talent first. That’s why I love this show.” RELATED: American Idol Is Eliminating THIS In The Reboot The singer also revealed that Idol did come her with an offer, which was obvious considering she was their first and one of the few successful winners. “I’m not being, like, egocentric, but I think just a lot of people reach out to me to be a part of singing things, for obvious reasons,” Clarkson told the panel. “Just because I was in the first one that everybody kind of watched.” But like she said before, she really loves those blind auditions!

“It literally does come back to those blind auditions that really separates everything and it means something to me because I think that’s who I represent, those people in this industry,” she said. “I don’t fit the pop star image that people expect all the time. But I am a pop star and this is the image that I exude. That’s why this show really does compliment my desires for this industry.”

The Voice season 14 premieres on NBC Monday, February 26.

For what it's worth, Idol seems to be miss movin' on after successfully securing Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and country heartthrob Luke Bryan as upcoming judges!