Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Tiffany VS. Roman

January 11, 2018
Today's Roman's College of Country Knowledge was equal parts Garth Brooks, Sugarland, Maren Morris, Thomas Rhett and Justin Timberlake. Did Tiffany know enough about those topics to take down Roman? Email for your chance to play! Today's Questions and Answers:
  1. Garth Brooks joked in a recent interview that 2018 will be his wife’s year, but didn’t go into the details of why.  Who is he married to? (Trisha Yearwood)
  2. Sugarland just announced their 2018 “Still The Same” tour…..including a stop here in Chicago.  Who are the two members of that group? (Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush)
  3. Blake Shelton was the most played male artist on country radio last year.  On the female side it was this "I Could Use a Love Song" singer.  Who was it? (Maren Morris)
  4. Chris Stapleton will be featured on the album “Man of The Woods” that comes out on February 2nd.  Whose album is this? (Justin Timberlake)
  5. This father to daughters Ada James and Willa Gray says he’d love to learn how to fly an airplane sometime this year.  Who is he? (Thomas Rhett)