Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Nick From Hampshire

January 15, 2018
Does knowledge about auto body work translate to knowledge about country music? That's what Roman's opponent, Nick from Hampshire, does for work and he did pretty well in the College of Country Knowledge today. But was it enough to beat Roman? Get your chance at playing by emailing Today's Questions and Answers:
  1. Gwen Stefani joked in a recent interview that everything Blake Shelton eats is fried. Shelton has been a judge on "Nashville Star", "Clash of The Choirs" and what other show? (The Voice)
  2. This "My Girl" singer and his wife just welcomed a son named Beckett.  Who is he? (Dylan Scott)
  3. Kane Brown and this "Losing Sleep" singer are currently working on a duet called "Setting The Night on Fire."  Who is he working with?  (Chris Young)
  4. Kip Moore, Kelly Clarkson, Brad Paisley and Maddie and Tae are just a couple of the artists that have made cameos on this country music based CMT series.  What show is it? (Nashville)
  5. The group Lancaster and Company is made up of Brandon Lancaster, Chandler Baldwin, Jared Hampton, Tripp Howell and Eric Steedly. The group is better known by their nickname.  What is it? (LANCO)