Gilmore Girls' Scott Patterson Now Has His Own Coffee Brand!

January 16, 2018
From serving coffee to making his own. Scott Patterson's character Luke Danes only made the coffee on Gilmore Girls, but he's turned his love of coffee into a new venture! And since he has a big pop culture influence on coffee, he's decided to capitalize on it by creating his very own coffee brand, unfortunately not titled "Luke's Coffee." Still, Scotty P's Big Mug Coffee does have a nice ring to it! Patterson admits he's wanted to launch this company for quite some time. “I was waiting for a time where I would be a little more settled and not going so fast all the time,” he told Us Weekly. “The amazing thing is that when my son [Nicholas] was born three years ago ironically I found the time and the feeling of being settled to look at him and to say to myself, ‘I’m going to launch this company now because I want this little boy to see me building something.'” But this is Luke we're talking about so don't expect anything TOO FANCY. In fact, Patterson says the smooth and complex flavor is "high-end diner blend," adding that it's "reminiscent of the diner where I grew up in Southern New Jersey. There’s almost a specialty feel to it and that’s what I was looking for. I wanted to give people something that was higher quality.” The coffee also won't have a hefty price tag attached. “If you drink it black and you like the flavor and you don’t really want to add anything to it — that’s the challenge. So I feel I’ve achieved that. … And to do that for under $10 for 12 ounces was very, very challenging and it took a long time. But I achieved it with five blends and I’m coming out with a sixth.”
In addition to being inspired by his son, his venture is also a tribute to his late mother who he says is the DNA of the brand.
“My mother is who this coffee company is really based off of because my mother was the only person who really took care of me and believed in me and set me on the right path. She was the only person in my life that I could talk to growing up. When I was a teenager we used to sit in our little, tiny kitchen drinking instant coffee deep in the night discussing life,” Patterson tells Us. “This is really about her and the logo of the brand — the archer — is my mother. She’s the protector and has always been my protector and always given me the strength I need to carry on and get things done. She would just say, ‘Stay out of his way. He will show you how it gets done.’ She instilled me the ability to get it done. And that’s what I’m doing with my company. It’s really for her. It’s a tribute for her and what I should be doing with my life.”
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