Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Lynn from Bartlett

January 22, 2018
Monday's can be rough for some people, but not Roman! He faced off with Lynn from Bartlett this morning in the College of Country Knowledge and came with the fire! Did his opponent do the same? Wanna play? Email Today's Questions and Answers:
  1. Maddie Marlow says she suffered some bouts of depression after losing her record deal last year.  Marlow is part of what female duo best known for Girl In A Country Song? (Maddie and Tae)
  2. Carrie Underwood says she wrote her new song “The Champion” specifically for this HUGE sporting event that happens every February.  What sporting event is it? (The Super Bowl)
  3. Maren Morris says she found her roommates on Craig’s List when she first moved to this city to try and kick start her country music career.  What city was it? (Nashville)
  4. This singer says she gets chills whenever anyone mentions that her song “Every Little Thing” went to #1 on the country charts.  Who is she? (Carly Pearce)
  5. He’s not only a singer and a judge on “The Voice”, but he also voiced the character of Earl The Pig in the Angry Birds movie.  Who is he? (Blake Shelton)