Yum - Here's How To Make a Super Bowl Stadium Snack

January 22, 2018
The Super Bowl and food go hand in hand. If you’re hosting this year's Super Bowl party, you need to have one thing – a Super Bowl Snack Stadium. This can be made out of tailgate junk food OR you can go the healthier route and use some organic ingredients. The choice remains in your hand. The one we’re about to show you is VERY intense. Here’s what you’ll need: Food: • About 2 dozen Rice Krispies Treats, brownies, blondies, rice cakes or donuts. • 2-3 kinds of chips, pretzels or puffed snacks. • 4 large colorful peppers of any color. • 4 kinds of dip (like hummus, nacho cheese, ranch, spinach, onion or salsa). • Sour cream in a plastic squeeze bottle for the sidelines. • Guacamole. • 2 kinds (colors) of cheese in blocks. • 2 kinds of pitted olives. • Sliders, taquitos, mini-brats, small sandwiches or pulled chicken with buns. • Slim Jims, miniature chocolate bars, licorice rolls, Gatorade. • Any other colorful snacks you want to fill up the grandstand like broccoli, carrot or celery sticks, cherry tomatoes, peanuts or spicy peas. • An almond for the football. • Small flagged toothpicks for a festive finishing touch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQSVy3uAMwo Check out the instructions HERE! You can also find a ton of really great Super Bowl stadiums on Pinterest and they don’t have to be as excessive as this one!