Brad Paisley found his dream guitar in Chicago

January 23, 2018
Two things you need to know about Brad Paisley: 1) He is one of THE most incredible guitar players. Ever. 2) He LOVES guitars (makes sense, right?) But we mean he loves the classics, the originals, what they were made to be & appreciates that. Which is how we get to this incredible story: When Brad came through on his last tour, he stopped by the Chicago Music Exchange, and decided to get a 1968 refin Tele with the idea of adding Paisley paper to it. He gave us a little history about this (because it wasn't just because of his name)... "A little backstory, @fender only made Paisley telecasters from 1968-69. It was a bust. Weird hippie wallpaper glued to a wooden tele body, & most people thought it was the ugliest thing they’d ever seen. So they discontinued it, and most people ripped off the paper and refinished them. So now, they’re rare and cool, but back then, nope. #aheadoftheirtime"
Well, Brad wanted to bring a part of the Fender history back...
As they were beginning the process, LOOK WHAT THEY FOUND!!!