Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Janie From Elgin

January 23, 2018
Today was Janie from Elgin's wedding anniversary, so did she bring home a win in her battle with Roman in the College of Country Knowledge this morning? Roman's current record is 273-24. If you want your chance to add to his loss column, email Today's Questions and Answers:
  1. Scotty McCreery’s new album, “Season’s Change” will come out in March.  McCreery won the 10thseason of what singing competition? (American Idol)
  2. Talk show host Wendy Williams claimed on a recent show that she thought this singer didn’t cut her face in a fall that also broke her wrist and instead got a facelift.  What singer is she talking about? (Carrie Underwood)
  3. Actor Steve Carell met Kelly Clarkson for the first time at the Golden Globes.  It was 13 years ago that Carrel screamed out Clarkson’s name in what movie? (40 Year Old Virgin)
  4. Lindsey Ell’s album “The Project” was produced by Kristian Bush….who is a part of what recently reunited group? (Sugarland)
  5. Tim McGraw’s old tour bus is up for sale but it’ll cost you! It’s on eBay for $45,000 bucks.  Who is McGraw married to? (Faith Hill)