Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Amy From Cary

January 26, 2018
Roman's been on a serious roll lately in the College of Country Knowledge. His record is currently 276 and 24, but that was before he faced off with Amy from Cary this morning. Did she study up enough to beat Roman? Email if you'd like to play! Today's Questions and Answers:
  1. Anderson East told In Style Magazine that understanding is a big part of what makes his two year relationship with his girlfriend work.  Who is he dating? (Miranda Lambert)
  2. LoCash is playing a charity concert for Duncan Keith on February 26th.  What Chicago sports team does Keith play for? (Chicago Blackhawks)
  3. Jordan Davis says he helped co-write all the songs on his new album “Home State” that comes out March 23rd.  What is the name of Davis’ current hit single? (Singles You Up)
  4. Keith Urban says his next album will be called Graffiti U.  He’s also planning a world tour later this year.  What US reality show singing competition was Urban a judge on? (American Idol)
  5. Jason Aldean‘s High Noon Neon Tour hits Chicago in May.  Luke Combs and Lauren Alaina are the opening acts.  What is the name of Aldean’s current wife? (Britney)