Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Chad From Hobart

January 29, 2018
Roman's record in the College of Country Knowledge currently sits at 277-26, but todays contest was all about a different number, the 219. That's because that's where his opponent, Chad from Hobart, is from! If you want to play, no matter what your area code is, email! Today's Questions and Answers:
  1. Maren Morris told Billboard magazine that she’d love to do a song with either Ed Sheeran or this “Uptown Funk” singer.  Who is she talking about? (Bruno Mars)
  2. Kelly Clarkson says one of the reasons she picked this reality show singing competition over the American Idol reboot is the blind audition process.  What show did Clarkson pick? (The Voice)
  3. Rapper Ludacris is featured on this singer’s new sports anthem “The Champion.” Whose song is it? (Carrie Underwood)
  4. Cary Pearce says that this "Ask Me How I Know" singer helped inspire her career in country music.  Who is she talking about? (Garth Brooks)
  5. Faith Hill posted a video on Instagram of a snowball fight she had the other day with her husband.  Who is she married to? (Tim McGraw)