Lauren Alaina Says Third Album Will Allow Fans 'To Get To Know Me Now'

June 26, 2019

In October 2018, Lauren Alaina released her latest single titled, "Ladies in the '90s” which is a preview of what is to come, as she works on her third album. 

What else will we be seeing on the upcoming album?

"Well I have been through some things in the last year and a half, that I have not been through before," Lauren said.

Lauren shares that she went through a really difficult break up and lost her step dad. 

"Life is always happening," Lauren said. "But I was in a very different season of life writing my last album. There's a lot of heartbreak in the last year and now I have a new boyfriend and I am writing about that, so I just think people are going to get to know me now."

Lauren said she is writing about all the things that happened to her in the last year and a half. She said to expect some really emotional songs and some really fun ones.

"The album as a whole will be an extension of the last record, but a couple of different topics because I went through some things," she said.

We cannot wait to grow with Lauren Alaina!