Get To Know Them Better: Midland Plays Conversation Jenga at Lakeshake

June 25, 2019

How well do you know the group, Midland?

We brought Conversation Jenga to Lakeshake and played with the guys to get to know them a little better.

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Mark Wystrach kicked off the game by pulling a peg that read: Who is your hero and why?

“I look up to Jess and Cameron. Even though I am a little taller than them, I look up to them. They are great fathers and great family men and that’s a place that I am heading into and learn how to balance out the creative and the career that I am in, so I look up to these guys,” he said.

It was a touching moment for the group and Jess and Cam were appreciative of Mark’s work.

Jess pulled next. His piece read: Love, Marry, Kill – pizza, Chicago-style hot dogs, tacos.

Right away Jess said he was going to marry tacos.

Cam asked, “what would you kill?”

“Obviously Chicago-style pizza,” Mark said, which Cam was in agreement with; but CHICAGO-STYLE pizza was not an option, it was Chicago-style hot dogs, which they all said they loved.

“You know what, I am going to kill that one. The only reason is because, if you said what do you want right now, a hot dog or pizza, I would say hot dog, but if you were eating a hot dog every single day…it would get old,” Jess said.

Though Mark said if you were eating a hot dog every single day, “you’d be a happy man…Chicago-style hot dogs are great.”

And then he shared some not-so-great news…

“Ladies and gentlemen, I hate to say it, but deep dish pizza, to me, does not classify as pizza,” Mark said. “Not a fan.”

Kasper jokingly warned him not to admit that on stage.

Finally, it was Cam’s turn to pull a peg, which read: What is a song you can listen to on repeat?

“You can always listen to ‘Friends in Low Places’ on repeat,” Cam said.

He said Harry Lewis and The News’ “If This Is It” is another good one.

“Right now on repeat I’ve got Viagra Boys ‘Slow Learner.’ It’s a great song,” Cam said.

The Swedish post-punk band from Stockholm received a plug from Midland...maybe they will receive one in return.