Luke Combs Says Plan for 2020 Wedding Still on Track

No postponement as of now, despite coronavirus pandemic

May 1, 2020

As of right now “…all systems are go” as far as Luke Combs and fiancée Nicole Hocking’s wedding is concerned.

"Things are still on track as of right now," he spilled in a recent interview with ET Canada, adding, "that's all I know as far as that stuff goes, we're still planning on doing it, we're still picking out napkins and stuff like that.”

You heard it here, these two are moving forward with planning there big day. When it comes to the planning, Combs designated himself a pretty important role: "I'm like the booze guy, for sure," he said. "Probably gonna dabble in some playlists, you know, I'm sure that will probably happen. I'm just a good time engineer on this thing. Good time engineer, that's the official title I would give myself. Not heavy lifting. She's doing all the heavy lifting."

When covering the topic of seating arrangements, the Country star was less sure. "Maybe there is, maybe there isn't formal seating," he said. "Who knows? There's no way to know, you know? Maybe it's just kind of a come as you are kind of thing. There's no way of telling.”

Speaking of no telling, Combs wouldn’t divulge whether or not the couple would have to adjust their wedding date due to the pandemic. Only saying, "It's fine as of right now."

Between all the wedding planning, Combs spilled that he's been passing the time during quarantine the same way the rest of us have — watching a lot of television. "I watched the entire series of Ozark in about a week." But that’s not all Luke has been up to during this time of self-isolation. Luke released the studio version of his song “Six Feet Apart”. The song, written by Combs and Brent Cobb, was first debut during a livestream acoustic performance in mid-April. Unlike the livestream, the studio recording features his full band.

“Six Feet Apart” shines light on the disheartening feeling of watching spring arrive and not being able to go out and enjoy it in the way we’re used to. “I miss the road, I miss my band, giving hugs and shaking hands,” Combs sings, expressing his personal experience during the pandemic. “It’s a mystery I suppose, just how long this thing goes.” We feel Luke, we really do.

The song is more than just the sum of Luke’s experiences, his lyrics are relatable and heartfelt, which is something we could all benefit from right about now.

Combs has been regularly live-streaming performances in place of his postponed tour. His next live is scheduled for Friday May 1 at 8PM ET, to be held across all of his social media platforms. Luke is partnering with Miller Lite and their #VirtualTipJar campaign to help support bartenders who are presently out of work.

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