WATCH: Seaforth Plays 'Conversation Jenga' at Lakeshake

June 25, 2019

We brought Conversation Jenga to Lakeshake – it’s like regular Jenga, but better because you learn about the people playing, as they reveal answers to questions.

Kasper, US*99’s afternoon host, decided to play with Tom Jordan and Mitch Thompson, the musical duo who make up Seaforth – who by the way are quite the comedians.

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With an already teetering tower, Kasper allowed Mitch to select a new peg, after he already touched a different one…we know, it’s typically against the rules, but he let it slide.

Mitch pulled out a piece that read: Sing a text you sent today.

The duo joked for a bit about different texts that could possibly be the answer, before Mitch sang “hahahahahaha.”

Tom then joked, our next single “Hahahahahaha” is coming out next month.

It was then birthday boy Tom Jordan’s turn, who chose a peg that read: Who was your first celebrity crush?

Again with the jokes, Mitch said “Winnie the Pooh” while Tom said “Shrek” before revealing his real answer, Britney Spears.

“I bought a Britney Spears album when I was like 9-years old,” Tom said. “It was nice.”

But the real question that came up while playing with Tom and Mitch was do you grab or poke, when pulling a Jenga peg?