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New ‘Dirty Dancing’ Film Confirmed

New Dirty Dancing starring Jennifer Grey confirmed by movie boss Feltheimer told Deadline the movie will be very much like the beloved 1987 original, which raked in almost $220 million (£167.4 million) at the box office. "It will be exactly the kind of romantic, nostalgic movie that the franchise’s... Read More

SHAZAM for Spiders!

Scientists in Australia have created an app that's being called Shazam for spiders. When you upload a photo of a spider, it tells you what kind it is and if it's dangerous. Now I don't have to ask my finace to kill the spiders, I just have to ask her to get close enough to take a picture! Meet... Read More
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A League of Their Own Series Coming to Amazon Streaming

There might be no crying in baseball, but what about tears of joy?! Because we are very excited that one of the classic sports movies, A League of Their Own , is becoming a TV series! Amazon Studios is officially rebooting the beloved 1992 sports comedy, and co-creators Abbi Jacobson (Broad City)... Read More
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Luke Combs' Wedding Cake is So On Brand and We Love It

Luke Combs married longtime girlfriend Nicole Hocking over the weekend in a private ceremony at their house in Florida and their wedding cake was so on brand, it hurts. It could not be more perfect to symbolize Combs and his career. The cake was in the shape of a beer can with the words "Nicole and... Read More

Company creates 'smart mask' that can translate 8 languages

It's harder to understand people through face masks. So a robotics company in Japan came up with a "smart" mask that fits over a normal one and amplifies your voice. It can also link up to your phone and translate what you say into eight different languages. It's called the C-Mask. They say it... Read More