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New Rugrats episodes, movie coming to Nickelodeon

Childhood me is sooooooooooo excited!!! Nickelodeon just announced that Rugrats will be returning to the network with new episodes AND a new movie. The original creators of the series will be executive producers and the reboot is slated to include 26 episodes. The movie is currently scheduled for a... Read More

Woman Uses Her "Mom Voice" to Scare Off a Bear [VIDEO]

A woman was on the porch of her house in Lake Tahoe, California when she saw a black bear heading toward the steps. So, she tried to scare it away by using her "mom voice." She yelled, "Oh no, no, no, no, no, no. Go! Go away." And . . . it worked. The bear turned around and ran away. Read More

Eric Paslay and Wife Natalie Expecting First Child

It looks like Eric Paslay and his wife Natalie are in need of some diaper money. The country singer shared the news via Instagram July 16 that the couple is indeed expecting their first child. RELATED: Eric Paslay Reveals How He Will Stay "Young Forever" Paslay tied the knot on April 26, 2015 at... Read More

Mattress Firm to Launch New Fall Internship at BEDQuarters

Mattress Firm may just have created your dream job. Starting this Fall, the company is giving students the opportunity to become their first-ever Snoozetern . If you're qualified for the position, you could spend your semester at the BEDQuarters in Houston while also traveling to other Mattress... Read More
Blake Drinking

The Stupidest Thing You Did While Drinking

Blake Shelton reportedly fell on stage over the weekend after a couple of drinks....a claim that Blake's camp denies. Either way, we all do some crazy things after a couple of drinks. How about mixing drinking with a :15 second keg stand? Yeah, not a good idea. Walking thru a screen door? Yep, that... Read More

Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Taylor from Sycamore goes to NIU and told Stylz and Roman that she could really use the $600 in the rolling jackpot to buy some textbooks. But first she needs to graduate from Roman's College of Country Knowledge. Get into class by emailing [email protected] ! Today's Questions: 1. Luke Bryan says... Read More
TRo Mic

Translating Tristan: Brett Eldredge Edition

Stylz and Roman had a unique challenge for Brett Eldredge this past weekend. They played one of his songs to see if he could identify it. The catch is that it was Roman's four year old son who was singing it! Was Brett able to figure out which of his songs that Tristan was singing? Read More