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Cancer Survivor Goes Viral After Last Chemo Session #GoodVibes

Katy Helend did something amazing recently that unfortunately, not many people get to do: she beat cancer! She survived through the many months of chemotherapy treatments, grueling tests, and exhausting hospital stays and thankfully, came out a victor! She officially had her last chemo treatment... Read More
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How Many Times Can You Use a Towel Before Washing It?

How many times do you use a towel before you wash it? Once or twice? Maybe all week? Or do you just wait until it starts to STINK? Well, someone asked an expert. And the magic number is . . .THREE. That's the maximum number of showers you should use the same towel for. Then it's time to wash it... Read More
car chase

Couple Ends Up In Car Chase While Livestreaming Their Uber Ride

If you ride in Uber cars long enough, you will eventually have a crazy Uber story to tell your friends. However, it won't come close to what this couple had to endure. A couple from Richmond, Virginia was going out on the town when an Uber driver picked them up from their home. Just after being... Read More
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Great News: The Price of Wine Is Dropping Rapidly!

It was a long weekend and Katie is ready to catch you up on all the breaking news! The price of wine will be the lowest it has been in the last five years! Some are saying it is due to a surplus of California grapes. That, combined with a decreased demand for wine (and the increase of hard seltzer... Read More

Is It Safe to Drink a Glass of Water That Sat Out Overnight?

Since your body gets dehydrated overnight, it's not uncommon to wake up thirsty. But whether or not you should sip from the glass you left on the nightstand (was it last night? The night before?) is up for debate. What can get in the open glass? You probably know that drinking water left in an open... Read More
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New Dog Collar Plays Swear Words When Your Dog Barks

We still haven't quite gotten to the point where dog collars can interpret a dog's bark and translate it into words. Yes, like in the movie"Up". But maybe this is a step along the way? A company called MSCHF is selling a new dog collar that plays SWEAR WORDS whenever your dog barks. When your dog... Read More