Fast Food Restaurants Open Thanksgiving Day


Places to grab a Thanksgiving Day snack

Sometimes Thanksgiving involves traveling between houses/families/friends...

November 15, 2018

Anyone who has ever had to travel to different sides of the family on a holiday knows the struggle. Yes, you technically are getting more than one dinner, but driving between your dad's brother's house to your mom's sister's can be an hour(s) long process. You get hungry. Thirsty. Dare we say hangry?

These quick-stop restaurants will be open this Thanksgiving to help you make it between your destinations:


America runs on Dunkin' so it would be hard to have a holiday without starting our day with Dunkin'. As with other restaurants, hours will  vary by location but chances are very good that you will be able to find a location near you that is open at least with limited hours.


The restaurant will be serving it's normal menu in addition to a Thanksgiving entrée complete with turkey and mashed potatoes. Like other restaurants, some locations will operate with limited hours.


Need a drink? Maybe some fries to snack on? Breakfast on the go? Many McDonald's locations will be open (again, at least for a limited time).

Cracker Barrel

Not only is the comfort food restaurant open on the holiday, it turns out a lot of people stop by the restaurant on Thanksgiving to pick up food. Yes, you don't want the dishes, stress & mess of cooking? Apparently you can order a fully prepared Thanksgiving meal to go!


Many Starbucks locations will be open this Thanksgiving. As in years past, most locations will not be open for the full day & will close in the early afternoon. But if you need your caffeine in the am rest assured you will be able to find a cup a Joe. 

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