Getting Ready For Friday Night: 3 Things To Know About Morgan Wallen!

There's more to Morgan than just #MulletStrong !

January 3, 2019

We're so excited to see Morgan Friday night at Joe's Live, so I wanted to take a quick "refresher" on this emerging star >>>>>>>

1) Morgan has a softer side that many of us haven't really seen yet. He SLAYS it on this Jason Isbell cover:

2) Do you know the real story behind the mullet? Last year, he was all about being #MulletStrong, complete with a 1990s mustache added for more "country boy charm." How does Morgan describe the look? "A lot of Joe Diffie, Joe Dirt!"

3) He moved to Nashville 3 years ago and has been writing non-stop with some of the best minds in town. His debut album "If I Know Me" was produced by Joey Moi, the same guru behind Florida Georgia Line's huge success!