36-Year-Old Accountant Becomes NHL Legend For Chicago Blackhawks!

Imagine being called up to the big leagues on a moment's notice? It happened to this guy!

April 2, 2018
Chicago Blackhawks

Imagine being a goalie in your local intramural league ... and you get the call to suit up for the NHL, in less than an hour?!

It happened Thursday night to Scott Foster, who's a 36-year-old Oak Park accountant. He played college in hockey years ago, but lately, has been keeping up in a rec league at Johnny's Icehouse.

Just before the puck drop with the Winnipeg Jets, the Blackhawks tweeted this:

With 6:42 to go in the game, he was called into action. HYPERVENTILATION ensues! This is the night Scott Foster would become an NHL & Blackhawks legend >>>>