5 Things We Love About The Latest Addition To The Royal Family!

The official wave? The first portrait? The balcony appearance? We can't decide!

April 24, 2018

The new baby of the Royal Family is finally here and we are over the moon about it!

Things we LOVE so far:

* How the heck does Kate look so amazing and refreshed SO SOON after giving birth? It must be a ROYAL thing!

* Baby Cambridge's first official portrait ... will it be a mini-suit? A onesie? How soon will we see it?

* Odds are already building for the name of Baby #3 ... James? Albert? Arthur? Those are the Top-3 for bookies, but there is some thought that it may be Philip after his great-grandfather Prince Philip. What's YOUR favorite?

* Charlotte's wave to the crowd, heading in to meet her new brother!

* Baby Cambridge's first Buckingham Palace balcony appearance ... it *HAS* to be soon as well, right?!

So. Many. Things. We're so happy for all of them!