#FindingTheGood: Chicago Non-Profit Teams With Marianos For Free Meal Sundays

The number of food-insecure families in the pandemic has grown dramatically...

September 9, 2020

The growth of food-insecure families in the pandemic across Chicagoland has been astronomical, so one local non-profit came up with a plan to help ... in a BIG way!

I Am A Gentleman, Inc has teamed up with Mariano’s grocers to hand out free meals throughout this month ... hitting up a different neighborhood each Sunday to share the meals, all cooked by locally-renowned chefs.

This Sunday? It's Chef Julius Russell from A Tale of Two Chefs providing a "Sunday Dinner in France" in Humboldt Park. What's on the menu? Calvados Braised Chicken, Haricot Vert (French Green Beans w/ Sun-dried Tomatoes & Truffles, Roasted Potatoes w/Thyme & Tarragon lemon chicken with Puerto Rican bean stew and jasmine rice ... we love it ALL!

Check out the full list HERE (click).