Craig Morgan Writes Incredible New Song About His Late Son

Simply beautiful! He lost his son Jerry to a tragic accident in 2016 & this song is his first time talking about it ...

September 17, 2019

Rick Diamond/Getty Images

i've been a fan of Craig Morgan for so many years. He's joined my show several times & has performed for US*99 listeners all the way from a Walmart parking lot in McHenry to Navy Pier & beyond. A member of the US Army for over 15 years, he is the real deal.

We haven't heard from Craig for the last 3 years after the tragic death of his 19-year-old son Jerry in 2016, but Craig wrote a song about the experience recently and his pal Ricky Skaggs implored him to record & release it.

This week, Blake Shelton urged everyone in the world to listen to it & the song has blown up.

I cried the first time I heard it ... it's that powerful!

Even more exciting? Based on the massive response to this song, his old record label Broken Bow Records (home of Jason Aldean) just announced they have re-signed Craig to release new music together!