Did You Know Billy Currington Is Starting His Own Rum Company?

We want to try it TODAY!

May 22, 2019

I spent some time chatting with Billy Currington before the concert Saturday night in Tinley Park. One of the projects he's most excited about?

It's related to his favorite summer cocktail - Rum & sugarfree Red Bull - he has his own rum company!

Billy's been working on the recipe for the last year, but it won't be ready for mass production for another two years. I was ready to tell you the cool name of the company until I realized he doesn't have the name online anywhere yet - WHOA! Can't give away that secret ...

What flavor of rum would you love to taste from Billy's collection? Maybe we'll ask him when he comes back Friday, August 9th at Gallagher Way outside Wrigley Field (get your tickets HERE before they sell out!).