#FindingTheGood: Wisconsin Farmer Plants 2 Million Sunflowers For Mental Health Joy

Instead of strawberries & raspberries this summer, this farmer turned his U-Pick-It farm into instant joy and smiles

September 8, 2020
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Rodger Shagam

One Kenosha County, Wisconsin farmer thought that the world needed a little more sunshine this year, because #2020 ... so he called an audible, in the coolest way.

Scott Thompson & his wife run a "U-Pick-It" raspberries & strawberries farm in Bristol during the summertime, but this year, they decided to plant sunflowers. Lots of them. 2 million of them, to be exact!

They ended up planting over 20 acres, a few of which haven't even bloomed yet. And because they wanted the most amount of folks to be able to enjoy the sunflowers and instant smiles, they planted the sunflowers in more than 15 fields for ample physical distancing!

Open every day from 10a-7p through the end of this month, go get some sunflowers >>>>>

We are in the heart of the season.....there are flowers everywhere!!----

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