#FindingTheGood: 103-Year-Old Gets First Tattoo To Cross Off Her Bucket List

What a great example of living life to the fullest ...

August 10, 2020

Dorothy Pollack spent her life taking care of her family in every way she could imagine, so in the last few years, she's been crossing items off her bucket list one-by-one.

The latest achievement? Her first tattoo! It's a frog, in honor of the one thing she loves more than beer and burgers.

Dorothy, who is 103 years old, has spent months in isolation in her nursing home, due to COVID restrictions. When she was released a few weeks ago, she knew exactly what she wanted to do.

She told CNN, “It was pretty exciting because years ago my grandson wanted me to get one and I wouldn’t do it. All of a sudden, I decided I would like to have one. And if I could, a frog. Because I like frogs!"

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