#FindingTheGood: This Couple Creates Custom Obstacle Courses In Your Backyard

Since we're spending so much time at home, this is genius for the kids AND you too...

July 27, 2020
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Carol Yepes

It's been a summer like no other, right? Spending so much time at home ... summer camps cancelled, sports delayed.

That's why one couple in New York decided to expand their backyard obstacle course model once they noticed how much FUN *their* kids were having with it!

Long Island natives Kristi and Joe Daly do everything homemade: monkey bars, a ring swing, the possibilities are endless and she emphasizes that you don't need to have a "gigantic" backyard to purchase obstacles from them. They can make any size backyard work with their equipment, so that every family has an opportunity to enjoy!

Check out their company HERE (click).

With just a quick browse, you can choose from a bunch of obstacles like "ninja walls," ring swings, monkey bars, climbing obstacles ... I want this now!