#FindingTheGood: Manny's Deli Asks For Help and Chicago Overwhelmingly Responds!

The line was out the door all day long ...

July 16, 2020

Manny's Deli has been slinging their 6-inch-thick (!) corned beef sandwiches & famous potato pancakes on the Near South Side since 1942 ... and like so many other businesses, they've been struggling through the pandemic.

On Tuesday afternoon, the owners posted this message on Twitter & Facebook: "We are struggling. This isn’t a joke. Support your fav deli for dinner tonight. Thx". It was shared thousands of times, and Chicago responded.

There was a line waiting when the doors opened Wednesday, and the line went out the door all day! 

Third-generation owner Ken Raskin told BlockClubChicago, "“It’s been wild. The response was tremendous. My only regret was that there were a lot of first-timers and we weren’t prepared for this onslaught.”

Funny thing? I headed to Manny's after 1pm yesterday too, counted 32 people in line and thought, I'll try again today!

People taking care of people, that's what we do in Chicago ... greatest city in the world!