#FindingTheGood: Movie Popcorn M&Ms Are Here For Our Backyard Summer Movie Nights!

Combining two of our favorite things? We are *all* about this ...

July 29, 2020


We've been spending a lot of our time at home and in the backyard lately, right? Movie nights outdoors too?

That's why the brand-new Movie Popcorn M&Ms, combining two of my favorite things (chocolate and popcorn) ... well, I want it *right now*.

And I get it ... I dig the peanut butter M&Ms, caramel too, wasn't a fan of the almonds.

Would you try the new flavor below? Need to find this today!

TODAY'S REVIEW AT TIB: Popcorn M&M's. Yes, it's buttery. Our reviewer gave it an 8 out of 10. You can read why by heading over to our IG Stories or to our profile page where there's a link to all of our reviews.

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