#FindingTheGood: Chicago Breweries Partner On New Beer Supporting #BLM Equality & Inclusion

Here in Chicagoland and across America, breweries release a new beer to support and bring awareness to the Black Lives Matter movement...

July 30, 2020

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Skeleton Key Brewery. Revolution Brewing. Liquid Love. Greenstar Brewing.

Just four breweries of dozens across Chicagoland and hundreds across America who've collaborated on a new beer called "Black Is Beautiful" ... these breweries doing it to support and bring awareness to the #BlackLivesMatter movement! It started in Texas and quickly spread across all 50 states, with the common goal being equality and inclusion. 100% of the proceeds are pledged to support local organizations, all about giving back and helping each other.

Craft brewing society veteran Vikki Reid remarked, "Beautifully smooth. Beautifully balanced. Beautifully inclusive. #skeletonkey #liquidlove --"

See more with the full video HERE (click).

Black Is Beautiful
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