Jilly's Not So Secret Margarita Recipe Is What You & I Need Today

Need a break from life? This margarita recipe is it ...

June 5, 2020
Blood Orange Margarita. Autumn-licious Margarita.

© Svetlana Kolpakova | Dreamstime.com

I usually share this every May for #CincoDeMayo but with everything happening in the world, and Luke Bryan's #OneMargarita in our heads every day ...

Here is my wife Jilly's "not-so-secret" margarita recipe:

* 3 cans Sierra Mist (regular or diet)
* 1 can frozen limeade
* 1-1/4 cans Jose Cuervo (use the limeade can to add it to the mix)
* 1 Negro Modelo (to make it "dirty")

Stir, serve on ice and relax! #boom #weekend