National Beer Day Has Me Daydreaming About My Top 10!

Am I missing your favorite from this list?

April 6, 2018

National Beer Day is Sunday (really, isn't it EVERY day?!) and I thought we should compare notes on our Top 10 beers >>>>

What am I missing from your favorites?


1) Miller High Life - in the bottle. The champagne of beers. My summer beer, although really good all year long ... clean, crisp, light, perfect.

2) Miller Lite - my go-to any time of year. Just. Perfect.

3) Hamms - my buddy Pete turned me on this last year, it was recently rated the #1 beer by a panel of craft beer brewers! So easy to drink, clean & easy.

4) 5 Rabbit Brewery 5 Vulture - a Bedford Park brewery whose winter Vulture has the most amazing mix of spice & flavor, you HAVE to try it!

5) People's Brewery Farmer's Daughter Wheat - a Lafayette, IN brewery whose light, green beer is perfect Fall through Spring.

6) Leinenkugel Snowdrift Vanilla Porter - a Wisconsin brewery winter favorite with a just-right blend of sweetness & deep porter flavor

7) Noon Whistle Brewing M-Punk - a Lombard brewery who's Red Mosaic Ale I only discovered a month ago. LOVE red ales & this is one of the best I've ever tasted!

8) Buckledown Brewing Grapefruit Belt & Suspenders - a Lyons brewery whose fruit-inspired summer twist on their staple IPA Belt & Suspenders, the best grapefruit beer I've ever had. Not too sweet, just the right touch of the fruit texture.

9) Metropolitan Brewing Flywheel Lager - a Ravenswood brewery whose light lager is the perfect front porch sippin', sunset-watchin' summer beer!

10) Shiner Holider Cheer - a Shiner, TX brewery Christmas staple with an influx of pecans ... Jill's favorite holiday beer of all time!