Some Of Our Top Hillary Scott Moments - It's Her Birthday!

Can't wait to see Lady A again this summer...

April 1, 2019


I remember seeing Hillary Scott for the first time over a decade ago at Country Thunder, playing the Miller Lite "B" stage late one night at 10:30p. We looked at each other and said out loud, "Something is happening here! They are going to be HUGE..."

We were right!

As Hillary celebrate's her birthday, take a look at some of our favorite moments of hers >>>>

It’s most fitting that this incredible human being is making history today as the first woman to be a double inductee into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame today. I love you @StevieNicks.

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Thought this was a pretty sweet #tbt that I had to share. I can’t believe this was one year ago. 35 weeks pregnant and I was READY to meet the two precious souls I’d been carrying for so many months...3 days from this picture they were born. I can’t imagine our family without them. Looking at this photo I’m reminded of what a miracle, gift, and privilege it is to carry a life God created, and that our bodies/minds/spirits can do this. I truly don’t take it for granted. Praying right now for every woman/family who yearns for the ability to conceive/carry/have a baby. To become a mother...for the first time, or again. ------------------------

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