Where Were You On 9/11? A Day We Will Never Forget ...

We honor all the brave men & women who lost their lives that day

September 11, 2018

Jilly and I were on our European honeymoon cruise. An "at sea" day. No land in sight. I was napping (6 hours ahead, so it was late afternoon) & she rushed into our room because there were screams and wailing in one of the bars, she'd gone in to see what's up, and then came to grab me. As we were overseas, the only channel feed anyone had was CNN International.

Such a helpless feeling, being so far away from home and uncertain of so much. 90% of our cruise was American & 50% of this group was from greater New York City. Jill & I brainstormed on how we could help those who had loved ones in NYC, and so we went down to the "internet cafe" (remember those?) & just hung out. Several distraught parents & elderly wanted to get on the internet to email their people (phone service non-existent), but had no idea how to do so. We helped people log in, sign up for Hotmail accounts, send messages and monitor replies. For hours.

All of us became more united that day. We remember. Never forget. As today is a National Day of Remembrance & Service, that unity lives on. RIP all the brave men & women who lost their lives that day.

Where were you that day?