Today Would've Been Troy Gentry's 52nd Birthday - We Miss You!

Gone way too young ...

April 5, 2019

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I still remember the shock of learning that there'd been an accident at the airport site of a Montgomery Gentry concert two Septembers ago, only to learn hours later that Troy was involved and that he was gone. So sad, so young, taken way too soon!

Today would've been Troy's 52nd birthday. From the concerts at the Joliet racetrack to Joe's Live and so many in-between, we honor his memory with our favorite Montgomery Gentry songs and a toast above for all the love he gave us for so many years:

* Hell Yeah
* My Town
* Where I Come From
* Hillybilly Shoes
* Something To Be Proud Of
* If You Ever Stop Loving Me
* One In Every Crowd (my favorite!)