#FindingTheGood: We've Found The Perfect #2020 Halloween Workaround For The Kids!

This invention takes "physical distancing" to the next level and we LOVE it...

September 18, 2020


Halloween is going to look a lot different this year, but for one Ohio family & community, the Dad created a workaround that is INCREDIBLE!

Andrew Beattie created a 6-foot-long "candy chute", attached it to his steps railing, and then posted a picture of it on Facebook ... it has been shared THOUSANDS of times!

The best part? It's a "touch-free" experience. How so? The candy chute has a sign/directions at the bottom, showing kids how to hold their bags for the candy to drop right in.

The kicker? It only took him 20 minutes to create. Wow!

We love this SO MUCH ... take a look HERE (click)