15 Year Old Saved Up and Bought His Mom the Sweetest Gift #GoodVibes

With Jason Pullman

August 30, 2019



Parents are always wondering if they are teaching their kids the right lessons about kindness and compassion towards others. 

One mother, Laurie Ramsier, realized the other day that all her teachings definitely left an impression on her child when he surprised her the sweetest gift!

15-year-old Treston Harris worked as a camp counselor all summer and instead of using his paychecks on himself, he bought his mother a car!

Ramsier's car broke down last fall and since then her family has been walking to the stores or relying on her mother for transportation. It has been a huge burden on her and her three kids.

Harris took it upon himself to help his family because he knew how hard his mother worked for them. He saved up $1,800 from his summer earnings and bought a used Jeep!

Harris said, "My mom was telling me like buy normal things like what kids would do, video games and all that, but I was like 'I would rather buy a car for the family.'" He did spend a little money on himself this summer but focused mainly on helping his mother. Not many 15-year-olds would act so unselfishly and Harris is a role model for many!

Ramsier was blown away by her son's gesture and realized she 'did something right' while raising him! 

Harris is an incredible young man and his actions will go a long way for his family and himself! #GoodVibes