3 Expectant Moms Create Non Profit to Feed Frontline Workers

Fueling the Fearless

June 1, 2020
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Mike Harrington


Some may call them crazy, but Kathryn Gombos, Kate Griendling, and Brooke Baker Kronschnabel knew they needed to step up and help out their local community. 

Even though all three women are pregnant, work full-time jobs, and have toddlers at home, they still managed to create a nonprofit to help feed frontline workers during the pandemic.

The Los Angeles based Fueling the Fearless delivers free meals to frontline healthcare workers by coordinating with local restaurants in the area. 

The nonprofit was established only either weeks ago and the three expectant moms have already raised over $50,000 which they use to keep restaurants in business amid the pandemic while also feeding workers risking their lives.

Fueling the fearless has also created chapters in San Diego, Seattle, Nashville, Washington D.C., and New York City and has expanded to help other essential workers including grocery store and transit employees. The nonprofit has really took off with the help of some celebrity donors including Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner, and Jonathan Tucker.

A BIG THANK YOU to @joejonas @sophiet @philymack @shondamcintyre for donating 100 meals to East LA Doctors Hospital. This hospital is in the heart of downtown LA and serves a vastly underprivileged community with limited resources and support. The staff work tirelessly to care for the community and those often forgotten. Through these type of fully paid sponsorships @alikisgreektaverna and her donors bring a moment of relief to a most grateful staff. One hot meal let’s them know we are all in this together. So again, thank you @joejonas @sophiet @philymack @shondamcintyre for taking care of LA nurses and doctors. #eastla #healthcareheroes *Correction: The above group photo is from the Saban Community Clinic of Los Angeles which Fueling the Fearless has delivered meals to. Check out their page @sabanclinic. Photo provided by: Lenna P.

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The organization tries to use restaurants that are at risk of going under due to the pandemic and orders take out food from there to then deliver to local hospitals and medical centers. 

Along with meals, Fueling the Fearless also provides products like hand cream, hairbands, and beauty supplies for essential workers.