6-Year Old Trades His Disney Birthday Trip Money in for WHAT?! #GoodVibes

With Jason Pullman

September 4, 2019



6-year-old Jermaine Bell saved up his money and was planning on going to Disney for his birthday on September 8th, but due to Hurricane Dorian, he decided to change his plans.

Bell lives in South Carolina and as Dorian was making its way to the state, he wanted to help the evacuees. 

“The people that are traveling to go to places, I wanted them to have some food to eat, so they can enjoy the ride to the place that they’re going to stay at,” says Bell. 

So Bell took his Disney World birthday money and traded it in for hot dogs, chips, and water to serve to coastal South Carolina evacuees.

Along with his grandma, the two stood along Highway 125 outside of Allendale with two handcrafted signs trying to get evacuees' attention and help them with the free food.

Besides handing out food, Bell's grandma said she also saw him praying over a family for the safety of their house when they return. She was blown away by his kindness and generosity at such a young age. 

Bell ended up serving over 100 evacuees and wants to continue helping others in the future. Such a thoughtful kid! #GoodVibes