79 Year Old Grandpa Became a YouTube Cooking Star After Losing His Job


June 18, 2020
Good Vibes, Cooking, Youtube, Grandpa, Subscribers, Mexico



The phrase 'when one door closes, another door opens' is the perfect way to describe Carlos Elizondo and his rise to Youtube fame.

The 79-year-old. unfortunately. lost his job as a grocery store bagger when the coronavirus pandemic hit. Due to social distancing rules, he found himself alone in his house all day, but instead of just moping around, Elizondo started making cooking videos.

And that is how his Youtube personality, Tito Charley was created.

He uploaded his first video on May 25th and since then, he has amassed over 20,000 subscribers!

Viewers are captivated by his charm and delicious recipes. While all his videos are in Spanish, with the help of subtitles, anyone can watch and enjoy his cooking lessons!

Elizondo has even created his own branded line of ingredients including cheese, chorizo, and dried meats which he uses in each recipe. All products are marketed through his channel and are available to purchase through WhatsApp. 

It's awesome to see Elizondo use his passions to create a Youtube empire! #GoodVibes