9 Year Old Girl Raises $50k for Minneapolis by Making and Selling Friendship Bracelets


June 9, 2020
Friendship Bracelet, Minneapolis, Pandemic, Protest, Help, Good Vibes

At just 9 years old, Kamryn Johnson and her friends are truly making a difference in their Minneapolis community.

After both the coronavirus pandemic and the protests that turned into the looting of local businesses, Johnson wanted to help rebuild her neighborhood and get those businesses back on their feet.

She started making and selling friendship bracelets to help the cause. She has been selling the colorful bracelets outside of her Minnesota home for only two weeks and has already raised over $50k!

Donations to her efforts have also poured in from friends, family, and local celebrities including Minnesota Vikings player Chad Greenway, former NFL player and television host Anthony Adams, and president of the University of Minnesota, Joan Gabel. 

Johnson's parents said while the amount of money raised is spectacular, they love how the bracelets have encouraged their non-Black neighbors to engage in important conversations about race. Not only are they meeting some neighbors for the first time, but they are talking about the important issues and proving just because you are different from someone else does not mean you can't form a bond or a friendship.

Her parents are very proud of their daughter and her friends for fighting for justice at such a young age. These friendship bracelets have helped transform their community and push others to start fighting for the cause as well. #GoodVibes