90 Year Old Couple Reunited After COVID-19 Separation #GoodVibes

Video May Cause Tears

June 16, 2020
Couple, Love, COVO-19, Reunited, Good Vibes

Christopher Furlong


Well, COVID-19 could not stop their love, that's for sure.

89-year-old Joyce Hoffman was diagnosed with COVID-19 on May 1st and has been battling the disease for 5 weeks. She celebrated her 90th birthday alone in the hospital at Hooverwood Living without her husband of 67 years. 

After battling hard, Hoffman was finally released on June 11th and was able to reunite with her beloved husband!

One of the staff members caught this adorable reunion between the two and after 67 years together, they are still so much in love! 

You can hear her husband Don in the video say, “I have to cry from happiness. I have to cry! You look so wonderful! You look so beautiful!”

There was not a dry eye in the room once the two were reunited. #GoodVibes

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