Airline Now Has A Chart To Warn You Where Babies are Seated

September 27, 2019



Most travelers have their pet peeves, but crying babies almost always take the cake. 

An airline in Japan has now created a new tool that shows you a chart of where babies are located before you book your seats. The screen will show a tiny graphic of an infant, so travelers can avoid them if they would like. 

Some passengers are praising the new feature saying it's super beneficial to know where screaming babies could be on a 13-hour flight. 

Others are saying this should be mandatory on all airlines just to warn passengers what they will be getting into. 

It only works for bookings made through the JAL website, though, and icons will not display if there is a change in aircraft.

Parents do not worry, this airline is not discriminating against children, they also offer a number of services to make your experience better as well. They provide strollers that you can rent that can also be checked as baggage for free. If you have an infant you can also enjoy priority boarding, and the airline offers hot water for bottles as well as diaper changing facilities on board.

The airline is only trying to cater to all passengers!